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Many of us give up our lives by the time we reach twenty-one. We don't go to an early grave, thanks to medical science, but far too many of us lose our life force, our direction, our purpose. The challenge is age-old: how are we to live and enjoy our lives fully? The threefold approach set forth in this book is one practical solution to that dilemma. 

An award-winning "feel good/how to" book about the benefits of giving. Indeed, lives are enriched through better health and longer life as time and/or means are given to help others. 70,000 copies of the first edition "Give To Live" sold in four languages worldwide.



Most people volunteer within six miles of their own home!  You are needed in your own backyard.  Finding a volunteer job can be compared to finding a paid job that suits your skills, talents, and the time you have available.

Fun and fulfilling ways to help worthy causes and yourself. Valuable tools for nonprofits and individuals who want to foster volunteerism and giving. Ideal gift for board members, volunteers, and donors.

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Faith in the Future

The Healthcare crisis has the potential of becoming one of the most serious problems in modern history, worldwide.

Dr. Douglas Lawson, along with Dr. Harold Koenig and Malcolm McConnell evaluates this dilemma and outline its challenges. Drawing on a steadily growing body of compelling scientific evidence, they identify a source of optimism from an unexpected direction: the religious faith and practice of compassion of America's faith communities and congregations.